How did he come by promoting Serbian football online, if he visits his hometown Knin and what's the best solution for Serbian players in the diaspora. 😎

Football is the most important of the least important things in the world, with that said it's no wonder that there are so many people talking about it and promoting it online. Though it's rare to see someone talk about the Serbian one specifically. One Serb from diaspora is doing just that. Along with promoting national and club football, he's hunting young Serbian talent all across the world. 😁 He shared his passion towards the sport on Twitter and now has over 20.000 followers from all over the globe!

What made you want to set up a Twitter account in the glory of Serbian football?😄

I have always loved Serbian football & followed it closely. As soon as I got a smart phone 10 years ago I made a Twitter account & started sharing my thoughts and opinions as well as news about Serbian football. I never imagined that I would get a following & meet so many other people who share the same passion. Thanks to the Serbianfooty Twiiter I have met people who live and die for the Serbian national team & Serbian football from countries such as South Korea, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Turkey, Argentina, Ghana, Mexico & many more. 🌍 It is really an amazing community & I never realized that so many people that aren't even Serbian support our team with so much passion. I've also met so many Serbs from across the world who love our football and some even travel to almost every Serbia game, for example my friend Velimir from Adelaide, Australia has been to Lithuania, Moldova, Estonia etc. just to watch Serbia play. I think that people in Serbia don't really realize how important the national team is to many people in the diaspora, no matter how bad it is its still our connection to where we come from. 😊

How is the hunt for Serbian talent all across the world going? How soon can we expect a decent full back?😅

The hunt never ends. Sadly due to some tragic events that we are all aware of there are almost more Serbs living outside of Serbia than in Serbia currently. We must broaden our talent selection by recruiting the best Serbs from around the world to help us. We are a small country and can't afford to turn away players & let them play for someone else, like the Marko Arnautović case for example, he would have saved us from having to watch Dejan Lekić or Marko Sćepović start for the national team. One of our main goals is to promote diaspora players so that something like that doesn't happen again. I send a list of diaspora players to FSS every month, I don't know if they've ever opened one of my emails though haha.😂 As far as a right back goes, I won't hold my breath haha. 😅

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Do you have any ambition of spreading to other social media platforms and continuing your podcast and what would you do?

I do have ambition of doing a video version of the podcast on YouTube, hopefully we can make that happen soon. As far as other social media platforms go I think Twitter is the best place for football so we prefer to just keep everything there.

Who do you think is the most underrated and the most overrated current Serbian football player?

Hard question. For underrated I think Filip Djuricic, he is in the shadow of Tadic & Milinkovic-Savic but he's become a fantastic #10 in the Serie A & has made a great career for himself. 💪🏻 As for overrated I don't know maybe Aleksandar Katai? I don't want to be too harsh as he is a good player & very important for Zvezda but I don't think he is at the level of playing regularly in a top 5 league.

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What do you think we most lack in Serbian football today in both club and national level?

I think we lack infrastructure & professionalism. Kids need better facilities to train in, some clubs have good facilities but most don't, if you look at east, west and south Serbia for example most places are in awful condition. We can't afford to lose those football centers because they have produced so many great players in the past but we will if we don't invest in their infrastructure. Most players on the U19, U17 & U15 national teams are from Belgrade & Vojvodina with maybe 1 or 2 from other parts of Serbia. That's a huge problem for our future. When it comes to professionalism it's about most teams being run by corrupt or uncapable people. As long as political pawns and shady businessman are in charge of our football we will not see any real progress. We need people in power who are not interested in personal gain.

How is life in the diaspora suited for you and the Serbian community there?

Life for me in Canada is good but also stressful since its a very expensive place to live & I have a young family. There is a large amount of Serbian people here in the Toronto area. You can easily find a Serbian restaurant, bar, bakery, doctor, lawyer, mechanic, dentist, plumber etc. Our people here work very hard, the majority came here with nothing in the 90s and want to make a better life for their children.

Do  you often visit Serbia or your hometown Knin and what do you miss the most and would you ever consider moving here permanently?

I try to go back to Serbia as much as possible. Knin is very close to my heart and my grandmother still lives there so seeing her is very important. The thing that I miss the most is my family, it's heartbreaking every time I have to say goodbye to them and go back to Canada. I would love to move back to Serbia, working from home has become a normal thing across the world during the pandemic, one of my friends moved back in the last year & was able to keep his Canadian job so that is my goal as well. 🥰

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Your favourite Serbian song that makes you want to break a glass?😁

Djurdjevdan or Pevaj Srbijo or Moji Drugovi.

What do you like and dislike about Twitter and the Twitter community the most?

I think Twitter is an amazing place to find information and meet people who share the same interests. It can also be a very toxic place full of negative people. In these years I have received many death threats and hateful messages. It's easy to get lost in the negative but I still do believe that Twitter is the best social media platform for sports talk.

Who is scoring the winning goal against Portugal and why Radonjić? 🤣

Its 1-1 in the 90th minute after Portugal tied it in the 82nd after the ref gave them a soft penalty. Dusan Tadic sends in a perfect cross that is headed in by Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. We all dance in the streets. 🎉🎉🎉

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