Silvina lives on the other side of world and she is the admin of the bigest Nolefam page on Instagram 🌎

Redportal team decided to interview the most popular fan club on Instagram social media who support the best tennis player in the world - Novak Djokovic. 🥎🏆

Our interlocutor is a lady from Argentina whose name is Silvina and she is on the top of the @novakfanclub army who have more than 60k followers. 😍

Dear Silvina discovered how she became Nolefam, when was her first contact with serbian tennis player, why Novak and not some other player and what Serbs and Argentines have in common? 🤔🤩

When did you start to support Novak Djokovic? 😊

I started watching Novak in 2008 during Australian Open, but I started the fan club with another Argentinian fan (who is no longer part of the fan club and doesn't follow him anymore) in 2010.

What was it that made you become a fan of a tennis player that is from the other side of the world and why Novak and not Del Potro? 🤔

I don't think I was checking from which country Novak was when I started to watch him and became his fan. I love Novak's personality and at that time I was not only impressed by his tennis skills, but also with his personality. He seemed to have fun on the court, something I haven't seen in that way in other players. So I kept looking for more info about Novak and I started to like him more and more.

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 Describe your first contact / meeting with Novak? 🤩

The first contact was through Twitter. I was sharing info about Novak and his matches there, and interacting with many fans and one day Novak started replying our tweets and following the fan club. Then I met him briefly when he visited Argentina with Nadal in 2013. We went to greet him at the airport and give him presents from me and the fans. It was amazing to finally meet him. Novak is the kindest and he is lovely. He was paying attention to everything I was saying. That is something that fans all around the world say all the time - how much he loves and appreciates his fans. ☺☺☺

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Which tennis match will you never forget?

Super difficult to choose only one. There many matches that I will always remember for different ones, like when he first won Wimbledon and Roland Garros, also the matches from when he won Davis Cup with Team Serbia was amazing. Australian Open final 2012 vs Nadal too. Those are some but there are many more of course.
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If you could spend 1 hour with Djokernole what would you like to talk about and what would you tell him?

Honestly, I don't know. I think that experience should be spontaneous and not overthinking it.

Which of Novak's rivals do you especially appreciate? 🎾

Andy Murray and Del Potro.

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What is your impression of winning the 20th Novak's Grand Slam title? 🤩

I knew he was going to win because I know he had the determination to finally win the 20th GS. Novak reaching this milestone is proof that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to. He learns from his mistakes. I always knew he is the best tennis player but with this trophy, more people know it now. I am super proud that despite all the obstacles he always has, he manages to overcome them. It's really inspiring. I hope many younger players learn from him and his resilience and I know he will keep breaking records and nolefam will keep supporting and loving him. 😊

What is the dream that didn’t come to life?

Watch him play a real match live.

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Greatest achivement from your Instagram account?

All the biggest achievements made by the fan club are those related to the projects where we show Novak our love, support and admiration. Because that is the main goal of the fan club for me: give the opportunity to nolefam to come united to show our love for Novak. So any opportunity where we can share the love on our social media for me are the biggest achievements, because I know how much Novak appreciates them. When we say Novak' s fans are like a family, it's really true. There are many friendships born from our love for Novak, and we know many fans who are there for us when we need help, it's amazing.

Which fan profile post has the most likes?

I don't know, I don't usually keep track on that, only at the end of the year when we do the Best 9, like most accounts on social media.

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What do you think that Serbs and Argentines have in common? 😊

The love for family and friends. Also, how much food there are during gatherings hehe. Serbs are one of the kindest and lovely people in the world.

When will you visit Serbia? ✈

Honestly, I don't know. It's on my bucket list for sure.

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A message to Redportal readers?

Thank you for reading this about a nolefam from the other side of the world so you can see how much Novak is loved and admired around the world. Lots of love from Argentina. ❤





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